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General Cleaner
Restroom Cleaner

Responsibilities include but are NOT limited to the following: Vacuum carpeted areas and check for: spot cleaning as needed, dusting and damp wiping of surfaces with regular frequency, walls and doors spot cleaned, hallways and/or stairwells dust mopped and damp mopped. High (around door frames corners, picture frames, window frames, cubicles, partitions, etc.) and low (under chairs, baseboards, in corners, etc.) dusting, Waste paper baskets, trashcans are to be emptied daily and liners changed when needed. Other duties as needed.

Responsibilities include but are NOT limited to: Emptying trash receptacles, refilling supplies, (i.e., soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.), all wash basins, dispensers, fixtures and minors will be wiped and scrubbed. All toilets and urinals will be disinfected daily. Floors are swept and mopped to meet specifications. Other duties as needed.