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The iMOPS App is here!


Now, access iMOPS from your mobile device's operating system in real time. (Available on Android and iPhone)
The iMOPS App allows for increased speed and efficiencies to team communications
The dashboard view allows our clients and our employees to understand the full scope of a property complete with issue related photos.

iMOPS App Features

  • Every Section has interactive functionality
  • Push notifications allow users to know of and respond to new requests within minutes
  • Recent News Feed to monitor the latest activity for the property
  • Upload and view pictures directly through the app when making work requests
  • The iMOPS design system is employed for easy navigation and user adaptation
  • API between the app and the iMOPS CMS allows for real time integration


View nightly reports two ways: as a list and as an elaborated feed. The list is sortable by date, issue, floor, and area.


See the status of a project immediately upon logging on. You can view progress two ways: as a list or an elaborated feed. The list is sortable by date, tenant, suite, service, and status.


View a list of all inventory items at one time and see real time percentage of remaining stock.


Send and receive requests in a single conversation thread. Snap photos of requests in real time and upload them directly through the app. Track the status of requests from initial request to final completion.