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The Arthur Jackson Company is a leader in the evolving green movement

Approach & Benefits

Our sustainable cleaning program combines sustainable products with sustainable procedures and tools to ensure a safe and efficient work space for all those who occupy the space.

We use products from 3M that are Green Seal Certified. They not only clean effectively but are safe for our employees and yours. Our Green chemicals combined with proper cleaning tools help to:

  • Reduce airborne particulates                                     green-seal-certified-logo.png
  • Deliver better indoor air quality
  • Reduce the use of water and chemicals
  • Improve the safety of the facility
  • Puts Green Seal Certified products and tools into action                
  • Provides instruction and training for green cleaning
  • Contributes to certifications (LEED, CIMS and GS-42)                           diversey-logo.png



  • Reduce airborne particulates
  • Deliver better indoor air quality
  • Reduction in the usage of water and chemicals
  • Improvement in the safety of the facility
  • Improve employee and occupant health and productivity
  • Sustain or improve organizational reputation and brand equity among employees, customers, and the surrounding community
  • Provide a new opportunity to market and differentiate from our customers and their competitors.



LEED Certification

  • The Arthur Jackson Company works closely with our                                            leed-logo.png
    manufacturers, suppliers and customers to meet and
    exceed the most stringent of LEED specifications.
  • Our Green Cleaning program will help in achieving the
    points you will need to reach certification.
  • At the Arthur Jackson Company it’s not about providing you
    with the individual products, our goal is to provide you with
    a total cleaning solution with green as our first choice.