Keeping you Safe and Healthy

Learn about what The Arthur Jackson Company
is doing to clean and disinfect in the age of COVID-19

In order to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy, The Arthur Jackson Company has been developing and implementing policies and procedures to decrease the Coronavirus Risks and ensure effectiveness.

Here are the steps we take:

We have developed a COVID-19 Handbook, which complies CDC, OSHA, State and City Guidelines and Regulations for hand-washing, use of masks, social distancing, PPE and self-monitoring, as well as, our policies for notifications of exposure and return to work procedures.
Employees must complete health screenings prior to their shift for the safety of our employees and customers.
Employees wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment, depending on the hazardous exposure, and are also trained in how to don and doff their PPE properly.
Employees receive training during their Initial Orientation in Hazard Communication, Right to Know, SDS, Reading Labels and Bloodborne Pathogens, then are retrained yearly, unless required by contract or needed.
The Arthur Jackson Company utilizes products that are registered on the United States environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and listed on List N. It is crucial to ensure the safest, most effective cleaning and sanitizing in the industry.
Our typical cleaning procedures are maintained. Enhanced Cleaning Services are available upon request.
When cleaning a confirmed COVID-19 case area, we may use Electrostatic Technology or Mechanical Sprayers.